Christ's Hospital Lodge No. 2650

Worshipful Master                                                                      VWBro Ian Wellesley-Harding                                                                                         

Lodge Secretary

WBro Mike Overend

Contact Address                                                                        Mike Overend                                                                                25 Causeway                                                                                Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1HE                                                 

IImmediate Past Master

WBro Dominic Rapsey





Phone and Email

Landline: 01403-259188          Mobile: 07725-256085

E-mail (Lodge):

E-mail (Personal):

  • The Lodge meets four times a year at Bakers' Hall in London
  • Meetings open to all are held biennially at the School
  • It was consecrated in 1897, sponsored by the Prince of Wales, in the same year that he, as Grand Master, laid the School's foundation stone
  • It is open to past students, teachers, officers, almoners and governors of the School, and to others with a close connection to Christ's Hospital (parents, children, etc.)
  • Old Blue masons who are not members of the Lodge are most welcome at any Lodge meeting

At the recent regular Lodge meeting held on Monday 29th January 2024, we we raised bro Luke Neill, the youngest member of the Lodge, to the 3rd Degree.  Luke is now a Master Mason and has already taken on the responsibilities of an Officer in the Lodge.  Those interested in visiting or knowing more about the Lodge are encouraged to make contact with the Secretary.  Our next meeting is on Monday 25th March 2024.


Although membership of the Lodge, like all lodges under the United Grand Lodge of England, is resticted to men, enquiries from those interested in women's Freemasonry are also most welcome.  Christ's Hospital has been a co-educational school for some 40 years and the Lodge will actively engage with and support women Old Blues who would like to join a women's lodge.

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