Special Meeting 30th September 2017

We have organised a splendid day out for members of the CH Lodge, their families and friends, and other masonic and non-masonic guests. One or two items are still being wrapped up and may be subject to change, but we hope not. By not starting the programme at the crack of dawn we hope most people will be able to travel to Horsham and back in a day, though some of us will no doubt be staying locally on Friday and/or Saturday night.


We will start with Registration with Tea & Coffee in the Mellstrom Careers Centre (“Old” Library) which will run from 9:30 to 10:45am. Knowledgeable folk will be on hand to answer questions about the day. Non-masons can arrive in a leisurely way and enjoy coffee and conversation, as well as marvel at how the Library has been transformed to a new, smart and impressive Careers Centre. Masons need to be a bit more prompt, because they will disappear just before 10:00am for a quick Lodge meeting (a Summons is available separately). They should be back by 10:45am.


From 10:45 to 11:20am we will all be next door in the Dominions Library, for a Masonry Presentation. This will be given by various members of CH Lodge and a few others, including Greg Andrews, Clerk of the CH Foundation. It will cover such things as Freemasonry and its role in society, parallels between Freemasonry and the ethos of Christ’s Hospital, and the CH Lodge itself: who we are, what we do, who can join, and how. There will be plenty of time to answer questions; non-masons will be able to tell which ones are the masons because they will be wearing their regalia, which they will be happy to explain.


In the couple of hours between 11:20am and lunch we have a number of other stimulating and enjoyable things planned:

  • An informal talk ostensibly about the Antonio Verrio painting in Dining Hall, entitled "What the Verrio Saw", by Tony Barrett. As well as being our Worshipful Master, Tony was a Verrio guide in his schooldays (not many people know that), and will no doubt regale us with anecdotes giving his insider’s view of school life in the dim and distant past.
  • A reception with fizzy drinks in the Court Room, with a chance to mingle, and meet some of the current CH staff, including the new Headmaster, Simon Reid, on an informal basis.
  • Band Parade (the WOW moment), from an exclusive standpoint outside the Court Room.

Lunch in the Court Room will be an informal, even casual affair, but there will be three courses and a selection of wine and soft drinks. There will be no speeches, but maybe a toast or two at the end. We will sort out tables and groups nearer the time.


After Lunch there will be an Organ Recital in Chapel, and a chance to visit the Museum, followed by Tea and Cake – a rather special Birthday cake – back in the Court Room, and good-byes.


All this for just £40 per person, with a special price for Lodge members of just £25. We hope you are tempted to join our Value for Money 120th Birthday Meeting.


“It will be a tremendous day” (promises Tony).

Christ's Hospital is about 2 miles SW of Horsham.

Directions to Christ's Hospital may be found here, and accomodation suggestions for those wishing to stay overnight are here

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Barry McCurdy